Principal's Message 2017

A warm welcome to you for the academic year 2017 /18. It is a joy to begin this year with your child in our care, starting from Nursery 1 through to Upper 6. Every year I have this excitement of venturing into something new and a sense that I am off to a new adventure. That is why we prepare so much over the summer vacation to clean up, paint, upgrade equipment and do all that is possible for your child to feel comfortable and realize his/her potential. We know you are excited too.

A Term Calendar has been sent to each family giving the dates for school events, including Grade and Form meetings. We ask that you highlight the dates that are relevant to you, so that you do not forget them. You should also be receiving a letter from your child’s class teacher, so that you are aware of expectations from the teacher and the school. We encourage your full participation at all meetings pertinent to you and to your child’s progress in school.

Students are expected to be punctual for school and attendance should be regular. In the case of absences a letter should accompany the child on his/her return to school. In instances of prolonged illness the school should be notified in writing and a doctor’s certificate submitted. Please be advised that if a parent is withdrawing his/ her child from Marian Academy, a term’s notice should be given or a term’s fee in lieu of notice.

Full uniform should be worn at all times and hair styles kept within the norms of the school. Students will be reminded of this. We ask you parents to see that your child is properly dressed each day when leaving for school. The girls’ skirts should be one inch below the knee and white ribbons worn in their hair.

Each student should have a Homework Diary to record assignments given. We invite parents to partner with us in ensuring that homework is done every day, both assigned and unassigned. Students should try to be ahead of the teachers. Technology has made life a little easier, as well as more complicated, depending on how you use it. Our Forms 4, 5 and 6 students are advised to go on the CXC website to download their Syllabus for their respective subjects. Other students, and parents, can go unto the Ministry of Education website to view the syllabus for the respective grades and subjects.

Please keep in mind that we will be celebrating our Twentieth Anniversary this academic year, so look out for other upcoming events.

From all the teachers and support staff, we wish you a joyful term.

Sister Marie Harper, OSU