The Pendance

The Journalism Club was established on 13 May 2008. Founder of the club was Br. Ramesh Vanan, S.J

The club aims at informing the school body, whilst improving its standards and also the writing and reporting skills of its members. The Journalism Club supports the development of young writers. An outlet is provided for the gaining of knowledge in the categories of photography, videography, public speaking and even camera friendliness. The Journalism Club aims at keeping readers up-to-date through media as mentioned before, by capturing almost every moment in our school’s rich history.

The club has about twenty members and meets every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at Marian Academy. Eligible to become members of the club are students from Primary 3 to Form 5. Past members and other persons willing to support the club, can become Friends of the Journalism Club.

The Journalism Club is coordinated by Mrs. Riane de Haas-Bledoeg, Parent, with parent support from Mrs. Neromini Fagu and technical support from Br. Stefan Garcia, Language A and B Teacher for the Secondary Department. The club is responsible for The Pendance, a student run school newsletter, which is published once a month. Copies of newsletters may be downloaded below: