Curriculum Objectives

In both Primary and Secondary Departments the curriculum provides for a programme of physical and family life education including the following:

Primary Education:
  • Acquisition of physical skills, including good posture, strength, mobility and endurance.
  • Development of good social habits through co-operation, teamwork and friendly competition.
  • Promotion of hobbies and leisure pursuits.

Family Life Education:

  • Develop of a value system within the context of family life.
  • Provision of information and orientation on substance abuse.
  • Opportunities for reflection on the importance of goal setting and the World of Work.
  • Education on sexuality, including issues such as premarital sex and HIV/AIDS.

Faith Formation:

Opportunities are provided in Religious Education classes and in Days of Reflection to develop a solid spiritual life. The beliefs of other religions are respected in the school. All are asked to respect the Catholic practices of the School.
Every student is encouraged to pursue extra-curricular interests such as music, singing, chess, debating and elocution, tennis, craft, reading, Spanish, modern and classical dance, drama, basketball, soccer, cricket or any of the others that are offered.