Principal's End of Term Message for 2020

From The Principal’s Desk
December 1, 2020

Dear Marian Academy Family,

I take this opportunity to wish all of our Marian Academy family and friends a safe, happy and holy Advent and Christmas season. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of all including our Microsoft Support Team. Without the support of everyone our dreams to make this a fruitful term would have remained only a dream . The reality is that the learning experiences and projects that have taken place this past term, during this COVID -19 pandemic could not have happened without the great deal of commitment and support from the The Board of Directors, staff, parents and students We embraced the Microsoft Teams online platform for our teaching and learning and we thank Housty DesignsTeam for guiding us through.

There has never been a time when being a teacher has been more demanding or challenging. To our teachers and support staff, thank your for your enthusiasm and energy. It was indeed a privilege to be able to witness the joy that comes with understanding or satisfaction of a problem solved, or wonder of a new adventures. We recognise and applaud how hard the students try.
We acknowledge the sadness of families who mourned the death of a loved one, or sickess in the family and any other loss such as job. Closer home as a school we also mourned the death of one of our students. We know that in all these sufferings God is with us. We are reminded of His coming among us as we prepare during this Advent season.

Pope Francis in his Advent message reminds us that, “Advent is a continuous call to hope. It reminds us that God is present in history to lead us to its ultimate goal and to its fullness, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. God is present in the history of humanity, He is the ‘God-with-us’, He walks beside us to support us. The Lord never abandons us; He accompanies us through the events of our lives to help us discover the meaning of the journey, the meaning of everyday life, to give us courage when we are under duress or when we suffer. In the midst of life’s storms, God always extends His hand to us and frees us from threats.”

With this in mind I again wish you a blessed Advent Season, a joyous Christmas and a New year filled with hope. Do stay safe and well.

Sister Marie Harper, OSU