Principal's Message 2018

Dear Members of the Marian Academy Family,

To all of you returning after your summer vacation welcome back, and to those joining the Marian Family, I hope you will have a warm welcoming experience. After that long break from school, I hope you have had sufficient rest and are ready to embrace your new class and all its challenges.

Congratulations to the students, parents and teachers for the excellent CAPE and CSEC results.

You would have noticed that a great deal of maintenance work took place while you were away. I invite you to make every effort to keep your surroundings clean. As you know, I am a strong advocate for the care of the environment and I invite you to join with me to make greater effort in caring for our common home, the earth. Think of at least one new practice you could engage in, in caring for the earth. How can we reduce global warming?

Let us lessen the use of plastics by adopting the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle. We are inviting you to take back home all the garbage you accumulate during the day, for example, if you bring food items in plastic wrappers, you take those home after you have consumed the food item. We encourage you to bring your beverages and water in containers that you will be using again.

You would have noticed new staff members, our Librarians – Mrs. Jeanette Frank in the Primary Library and Mrs. Coretta Bascom in the Secondary Library. Mrs. Grace Wilson- James is at the Administrative Office. Mr. Ernest Hinds will be assisting us with Geography and Mrs. Alisha Dickson, teacher assistant in the Nursery Department. Let us welcome them. Where is Miss Callender? She is now located in the room adjoining the Primary Teachers’ Staffroom. We said goodbye to Miss Gibson who served with us for eighteen years and thank her for her great contribution to our libraries and the school. Both Mr. Chang Yuen and Miss Rogers will be here as part – teachers, so we will be seeing them a little less.

There are several activities planned in celebration of our 20th Anniversary. You would have received letters last term with dates of events. Please make every effort to make this celebration a memorable one. We have much for which to be thankful.

A happy school year to you.
Sister Opal M. Harper, osu